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Individual Therapy



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Your counseling experience will be tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Your therapist will be a support in your life, someone who remains objective and neutral. In our work together we will identify your strengths, and collaborate with you to find solutions to your challenges.

Couples Coaching Depression
Eating Disorders Family/Parenting Coaching
Gender Identity Infertility
Self Esteem Building
Self Injury
Sexual Abuse
Women's Issues

Emotional Wellness Coaching


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A space for you to explore your emotions and life journey in a way that produces insight and growth. The goal is to create the life you have always dreamed of and deserve while developing trust in your own magic and intuition.

Couples Coaching


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Relationships require attention and maintenance to establish and sustain deep connections and satisfaction over time. As we grow and change within our relationships, we also often need to refresh how we approach them. Couples coaching helps couples heal, strengthen, and sustain their relationships. 

By building on your existing strengths while also providing new tools and skills, premarital and couples coaching develops greater insights and understanding of each other; improved communication and conflict resolution; and overall relationship satisfaction. Premarital and couples coaching with your partner can lead to a more balanced, enjoyable, and fulfilling life by setting up your marriage to succeed.

Family Systems Coaching


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Family Systems Coaching helps reveal and heal possible disconnects that currently exist in the family unit or relationship. Families in conflict, as well as couples, and individuals can expect to gain understanding of the issue, to uncover the root of the problem, to look at the issue with a fresh perspective, and learn how to communicate needs or boundaries in order to restore the relationship or family unit.

Online Services

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We work with clients all across the country. Busy calendars, proximity to the office, travel schedules and life in general can make face-to-face sessions difficult for some clients. Others simply prefer being online and on the phone. For these reasons, we offer services via internet and telephone. You might benefit from online therapy, coaching or consulting if…

You are traveling and want to continue your therapy, coaching or consulting services while you are out of town

You work long hours and find it difficult to get to our office

You are a stay-at-home parent who cannot leave the kids but need to talk to someone

You have limited mobility, do not drive, or do not have transportation

You live outside of the Milwaukee, WI area

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Nori-Lynn T.

live life by design

live life by design

The counseling relationship is very unique. We choose to share a very personal story and journey with another person. When I first met Rachel I immediately felt “seen”. Rachel is an amazing, caring, empathetic counselor and she is wise beyond her years. She has a unique ability to not only see the goodness in people, but to reflect that vision back to them. She was able to meet me where I was in my journey and walk with me as I explored deeper and deeper. Although she let me lead the way, I always knew she “had my back” and that I was not alone. I will be eternally grateful for her help!