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​As an Emotional Wellness Coach I meet with clients who are inspired to take a deeper dive into their personal growth journey. The magic lies in my ability to notice patterns in a person’s thoughts, emotions, behaviors and life experiences. The patterns are then explored in a way that empowers clients to further develop and utilize their own intuition.


Emotional Wellness Coach

Curiosity without Judgement

seen, heard, and understood

One of the main tools used in our coaching partnership is the practice of curiosity without judgment. My number one goal in our coaching session is for you to feel seen, heard and understood.

Throughout my career, I’ve been given feedback that people naturally feel safe exploring their life experiences and emotions with me. I am able to provide an encouraging and compassionate energy. 

Common Topics explored
in emotional wellness coaching

work with bethany

 In the past, I have provided clients with reflection notes through email summarizing the main points and including any practice work we create while in session. Additionally, I pose questions that may be helpful to explore in between sessions. To have a witness in your personal growth process is meaningful. My purpose as an Emotional Wellness Coach is to hold space for your growth and to be that witness. 

•  How to better understand and cope with your emotions
•  The journey of self/body love
•  Releasing unhelpful belief systems
•  How to reclaim your identity after having children
•  Parenting under challenging circumstances

My Background

•  Master of Arts Degree in Community Counseling from Marquette University
•  Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Marquette University
•  Career Counselor at Marquette University for over 4 years
•  Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training