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You cannot become who you were meant to be, by remaining who you are.


​Emotions are gnarly. 

Certified Medical Professional Life Coach.

The expression often comes out of a surfer's mouth when something simultaneously spectacular and unexpected occurs. I think it’s the perfect way to describe emotions: spectacular and unexpected.

Emotions remind me of ocean waves: unpredictable, wild, loud, revealing, and pure. There is no way you would catch me out in the open ocean without an instructor, so why try to surf your own emotional waves without one?

As a certified life coach and former educator, I will help you recognize, accept, explore, nurture, and surf your emotions. 

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You will begin to flourish in unimaginable ways and live life with more happiness. My approach is straightforward, warm, and goal oriented, with a splash of humor.  

If you seek support while you explore the open waters of life, then I’m your gal. I truly look forward to connecting with you and watching powerful change unfold. 

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live life by design

live life by design


“Sara really takes the time to create questions and exercises that reflect who you are and to delve deep into what you really need to live your best life. She creates an environment that is supportive, honest, and safe. Her ability to allow you to lead the session is refreshing, yet she is really the one helping to steer the conversation and asks probing questions to help dig deeper into your innermost thoughts and feelings. After every session I felt a sense of relief and purpose. I felt recharged and excited for our next meeting and also the opportunity to look at my life and career through a slightly different lens.”  


“I was constantly a nervous wreck when it came to confrontation and telling people how I feel. I wanted to work on Setting better boundaries and focusing on the future instead of dwelling on past trauma. I love the fact that she supports me and helps me come up with plans to set boundaries and move forward with my life. It surprised me how much more I like it than therapy, I never feel tired after talking with her. Sara’s the best and she’ll make you feel so much better about yourself and your life” 


“I was feeling sad. I felt stuck and frustrated. I was looking for ways to move forward and replace thought patterns that weren't serving me. This was my first experience with coaching. In the past, I had seen several different therapists but never felt as much progress as my work with Sara. Coaching acknowledges where your problem is and helps you rewrite the script. Instead of talking about the sad stuff and letting it linger, we would acknowledge it and find a new way to think about it so that it didn't consume my thoughts. I'm someone who likes to move forward, get things done, and try to be better. I like that Sara felt comfortable enough to give me honest, constructive feedback. I left my experience with Sara with newfound awareness about who I am and the tools to advocate for myself when I feel my boundaries being challenged. I loved talking to Sara, she has such a talent for seeing people. I was always so impressed by her ability to string together my thoughts to point out patterns. I finally found the confidence to start my own business. Instead of listing all of the reasons something could go wrong, Sara helped me see how things can go right. If you're stuck or feeling misunderstood, Sara will help you find your values and purpose.” 


“I can honestly say that meeting with Sara has been life changing. Our family’s situation was unique and a little complicated but Sara was able to support us in making the best decisions for our daughter. Within 20 minutes of our first meeting, I was suddenly so clear on what I wanted to do and she helped me map out a plan with specific next steps. Sara asked profound questions and provided key information about schools and the administration that helped me understand how to proceed with confidence. We had several follow-up sessions and each time I was supported and felt very empowered in my role as a parent. I now know I always have Sara in my back pocket for any further concerns I have regarding my daughter’s education. Sara’s biggest contribution to my life has been helping me shift my perspective and to see and believe in all the gifts that school, and that life in general, provides.”


“Sara truly cares about and understands people. She listens compassionately and patiently, before offering energy, language, or another perspective. Through our conversations I felt supported, encouraged, and truly cared for. Sara utilized visual analogies to aid in my understanding and guide me towards peace with myself, others, and situations. She taught me how to allow energy to move through me, project positive affirmations into the universe, listen more closely to myself and those around me, and change my mindset towards more positivity and peace. Leaving conversations with Sara, I always felt stronger and more in alignment with my soul, mind, heart, and the universe. Sara encouraged me to work at my own pace, never judged, and always ensured that I left the conversation with something that I could use. Sara connects with people and has the ability to guide, motivate, encourage, support, and empower! She has been a life changer for me!”